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Pentatonic Flow 1

Pentatonic Flow 1 is an intensive lesson that is designed to train you to connect the various positions of the minor pentatonic scale together.

It is aimed at players who have trouble moving effortlessly between all five box patterns of the minor pentatonic scale. This problem can often lead to soloing that lacks the smoothness, fluidity and overall expressiveness that truly mastering the minor pentatonic scale can bring.


Pentatonic Color 1

Pentatonic Color 1 is designed to help guitarists that want to move beyond the minor pentatonic scale sound when they solo.

It is aimed at players who want to learn how to add color notes to the minor pentatonic scale. These extra notes allow you to sound more interesting when improvising, as well as giving you the ability to solo in a more versatile way.


Natural Minor Mastery

The Natural Minor Mastery Series

The natural minor scale is one of the most important scales needed for rock guitar soloing. In this series of training products I'll take you by the hand and show you how to master it over the entire fretboard. This will make it a lot easier for you to use the natural minor scale in a musical way.

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