Pentatonic Flow 1

Pentatonic Flow 1Overview

A common frustration that many guitar players have is being "locked in the box". What I mean by this is that they have trouble moving effortlessly between all five box patterns of the minor pentatonic scale. This can often lead to soloing that lacks the smoothness, fluidity and overall expressiveness that truly mastering the minor pentatonic scale can bring.

The Pentatonic Flow 1 online training product is an intensive lesson that will train you to connect the various positions of the minor pentatonic scale together. 

In this guitar lesson we'll cover the following things...

  • Four Pentatonic Flow Patterns, that can be used to move through the different fingerings of minor pentatonic scale smoothly.
  • Four Pentatonic Flow Exercises that help you to develop the ability to move up-and-down pairs of strings in an efforless way.
  • Ten extended pentatonic fingerings that can be used to create impressive scale runs and guitar licks.
  • Four extended fingering exercises that help train you to move smoothly and quickly through the extended pentatonic fingerings. As well as helping you improve your fretboard knowledge, they also look pretty cool and impressive once mastered. :-)
  • Valuable advice on how to implement the information that you'll learn in this lesson. I'll tell you six simple steps that you need to take immediately in order to gain maximum benefit from the lesson.
  • An appendix section that contains 32 additional exercises for future study and practice. While it's not mandatory to practice these exercises, you'll find that practicing them will help you to gain a much greater mastery over the minor pentatonic scale.


Is This Training Product For You?

This training product would be suitable for you if the following apply...

You currently have trouble moving fluidly between the different fingerings of the minor pentatonic scale.
You want to develop the ability to move quickly up-and-down the guitar fretboard in an effortless way.
You'd like to have the ability to move between all the fingerings of the minor pentatonic scale without thinking.
You'd like to improve your overall fretboard knowledge and technique in a way that helps improve your soloing and improvisational ability.
One of your long-term musical goals is to play impressive rock guitar solos.

 Frequently Asked Questions

I want there to be absolutely no risk to you. Because of this, I offer a 60 day guarantee on this product.

"Test drive Pentatonic Flow 1 for up to 60 days. If you feel you haven't made massive improvements to your minor pentatonic scale ability, then I'll promptly give all your money back".

Does it matter what country I live in?

Not at all. Because this is an online training product you can purchase this lesson even if you don't live in Australia.

What format is the lesson in?

When you purchase Pentatonic Flow 1 you'll receive the following two things...

  • A 21 page downloadable handout that contains all the lesson notes and musical examples written out in TAB.
  • Over 45-minutes of video content in the form of nine downloadable videos. 

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