Pentatonic Color 1

Pentatonic Color 1Overview

If you've been using the minor pentatonic scale for a while, then you already know the very distictive sound that it has. You also probably know just how useful this scale is in a rock soloing context.

While the minor pentatonic scale is definitely an essential scale, that any rock guitarist needs to master, it can also get a bit boring at times. For this reason, it's very important to learn to add extra notes to it. These extra notes can breathe new life into the minor pentatonic scale, and make your soloing sound a lot more more colorful and interesting.

One of my favorite notes to add to the minor pentatonic scale is the 2. (Don't panic if you don't know what this means. I explain what it means in the lesson). This one note adds a wonderful, very emotional quality to the minor pentatonic scale. It can definitely help you to make your soloing much more expressive.

The Pentatonic Color 1 training product is a structured lesson that helps you to integrate the 2 into the minor pentatonic scale.

In this guitar lesson we'll cover the following things...

  • Some essential theory that helps you understand what the 2 is, and how to add it to the minor pentatonic scale.
  • Five useful fingerings of the minor pentatonic scale with the 2 added to them.
  • Four Technique Integration Exercises that help train you to physically integrate the added note into the most common minor pentatonic scale fingering.
  • Four Integration Licks that help expand your soloing vocabulary, and also help you to learn how to recognize the 2 in a musical context.
  • Two Ear Training Exercises that help you to internalize the sound of the 2. These exercises ensure that you develop the ability to clearly hear the extra note in your head, which will help you to solo in a more melodic and musical way.
  • A Focused Improvisation Exercise that helps you put into practice everything that you learn in this lesson. It's pointless learning new things, if you can't use them in a real-life musical context! :-)
  • Some detailed advice and guidance on how to get started with the information and strategies that you'll learn in this lesson. This will help you to get the most value out of this lesson. It will also help you to master the lesson material faster and with less stress.
  • An appendix section that contains 20 extra exercises that you can master in the future. These additional exercises will help you to develop your fretboard knowledge and technical ability to a higher level.


Demonstration Video

I thought it would be a good idea to film a short video of me demonstrating what the A Minor Pentatonic scale with the 2 added to it sounds like. I did some noodling over a backing track so you can hear the scale being used in a musical context...


Is This Training Product For You?

This training product would be suitable for you if the following apply...

You're already comfortable with using the minor pentatonic scale when you solo. (If you can't already play the minor pentatonic scale fluently, then this product isn't for you).
You'd like to learn how to add extra notes to the minor pentatonic scale so that your soloing sounds more musical and interesting.
You'd like to become a more versatile guitarist who has the ability to solo in a wider range of musical situations.
You'd like to improve your fretboard knowledge, technique and pitch perception in a way that allows you to improve your lead guitar skills.
You love rock guitar, and have a burning desire to become an awesome lead guitarist.


 Frequently Asked Questions

I want there to be absolutely no risk to you. Because of this, I offer a 60 day guarantee on this product.

"Test drive Pentatonic Color 1 for up to 60 days. If you feel you haven't made massive improvements in your ability to add the 2 to the minor pentatonic scale, then I'll promptly give all your money back".

Does it matter what country I live in?

Not at all. Because this is an online training product you can purchase this lesson even if you don't live in Australia.

What format is the lesson in?

When you purchase Pentatonic Color 1 you'll receive the following three things...

  • A 22 page downloadable handout that contains all the lesson notes and musical examples written out in TAB.
  • Over 50-minutes of video content in the form of eleven downloadable videos.
  • Two downloadable audio files that are to be used when you practice the lesson material.


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