Master The Natural Minor Scale On Guitar


Natural Minor Mastery 1

The natural minor scale is one of the most important scales that you need to master for rock guitar soloing. There are countless guitar licks and solos that use it.

Despite it's importance, many guitarists have never mastered it to the point where they can play it fluently over the entire fretboard. This means that they never gain the ability to use this vital rock guitar scale in a creative and musical way.

The Natural Minor Mastery 1 training product is a structured lesson that shows you some extremely effective strategies that you'll need to use in order to master the natural minor scale. It is aimed at the player who wants to learn this scale on a deep level which allows them to make music with it. (Many guitar players never learn scales properly, and this stops them from being able to use them musically).

In this comprehensive guitar lesson we'll cover the following things...

  • Some important ground work that needs to be done each time you learn a new scale. 
  • Three powerful methods of memorizing the natural minor scale on a single string. These help you become a better musician that understands the musical meaning of what you're learning.
  • Two approaches to playing scales on a single string that will develop the synchronization between your picking and fretting hands. These will help you to improve your ability to play faster and cleaner, and also develop your position-shifting ability.
  • Important information about Visual Patterns. These are useful tools that make it easier for you to memorize the natural minor scale over the entire fretboard. They will also greatly improve your ability to master this scale in different keys.
  • Two useful methods of developing your two string scale technique. These help you master the natural minor scale on pairs of strings, and will also improve your guitar technique a lot.
  • Seven three-note-per-string fingerings for the natural minor scale. Unlike the traditional scale fingerings, these cover the fretboard in a much more comprehensive way. They are also extremely useful to know if you'd like to be able to play fast.
  • Five learning strategies that will help you develop your three-note-per-string technique, and also help you learn the musical structure of each of the fingerings.
  • Two Monster Exercises that will help you learn how to link all the three-note-per-string fingerings together. This is important because it helps you to develop your scale fluidity over the entire fretboard.
  • A Focused Improvisation Exercise that will help you apply the natural minor scale in a musical context. This will enable you to master the natural minor scale faster, and allow you to make music with it much sooner.
  • Some valuable implementation advice that will stop you from feeling overwhelmed, and also help you master the lesson material sooner.
  • An appendix section that contains 45 additional exercises that you can work on in the future. These additional exercises will help you to further develop your ability to play the natural minor scale fluently.


Demonstration Video

I'm assuming that you already have some idea of what the natural minor scale sounds like. But, just in case you don't, here's a video of me improvising a short solo to demonstrate its sound...


Is This Training Product For You?

This training product would be suitable for you if the following apply...

You'd like to learn how to master the natural minor scale over the entire fretboard.
You'd like to improve your technique, fretboard knowledge and aural skills in a way that helps you develop your guitar soloing ability.
You want to work on your scale knowledge and ability in an organized and methodical way that stops you from feeling overwhelmed.
You'd like to develop the ability to learn scales on such a deep level that you can solo with them no matter where you are on your guitar fretboard.
You'd like to improve your ability to play by ear, improvise, and use guitar scales in a musical way.


 Frequently Asked Questions

I want there to be absolutely no risk to you. Because of this, I offer a 60 day guarantee on this product.

"Test drive Natural Minor Mastery 1 for up to 60 days. If you feel you haven't made massive improvements to your natural minor scale knowledge and ability, then I'll  promptly give all your money back".

Does it matter what country I live in?

Not at all. Because this is an online training product you can purchase this lesson even if you don't live in Australia.

I don't want to pay in Australian dollars (AUD). Can I pay in my own currency?

Absolutely. When you are taken to the secure ClickBank payment page, you can select what currency you want to pay in. At present, ClickBank accepts payments in 31 different currencies.

What format is the lesson in?

When you purchase Natural Minor Mastery 1 you'll get the following three things...

  • A 55 page downloadable handout. This handout contains all the lesson notes and musical examples written out in TAB.
  • Over 75-minutes of video content in the form of fourteen downloadable videos.
  • Two downloadable audio files that are to be used when you practice the lesson material.


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