Natural Minor Mastery 2


Natural Minor Mastery 2This is the follow up training product to Natural Minor Mastery 1, and is aimed at guitarists who have already worked through the lesson material in Natural Minor Mastery 1.

In this guitar lesson you'll be mastering the natural minor in a new key. You'll also learn some new ways of practicing the natural minor scale. This will help keep your scale practice fun and interesting.

Some of the things that we'll cover in Natural Minor Mastery 2 include...

  • A new approach to memorizing the notes and scale degrees of the natural minor scale on a single string. This is a very time efficient approach, and is a great one to use if you're really busy.
  • Three new ways of developing your single string scale technique. As part of this section of the lesson you'll learn about the finger switching technique. You'll also learn two essential melodic patterns that you can use when you play guitar solos.
  • A  more advanced Visual Pattern exercise that will help speed up your ability to recall the Visual Patterns.
  • Two new approaches to developing your two string scale technique. Both of them have a really nice flowing sound, and they will definitely help you to improve the synchronization between your two hands.
  • An advanced method of memorizing three-note-per-string fingerings. This will ensure that you continue to make progress because it will challenge you, and also get you outside of your comfort zone.
  • Two new technical exercises for three-note-per-string fingerings. Both of these will work wonders for your alternate picking technique.
  • Two new Monster Exercises that link all seven three-note-per-string fingerings together.
  • An exercise that is called The Constant Flow Exercise. This will help improve you scale knowledge, ability to think quickly, and also your overall ability to improvise.
  • An appendix section that contains 48 additional exercises. While you don't have to work on these right away, I've included them so that you'll have plenty of things to work on in future.


Demonstration Video

In this training product we'll be focusing on the D Natural Minor scale. To give you some idea of what this scale sounds like, here's a video of me improvising a short solo using it... 


Is This Training Product For You?

This training product would be suitable for you if the following apply...

You've already bought Natural Minor Mastery 1, and have worked through the material in that lesson. It's OK if you haven't mastered all the exercises from the appendix section of that lesson. But you should have already practiced all the exercises in the main lesson.

You want to learn some new approaches to practicing the natural minor scale.
You want to continue to develop your guitar scale knowledge and technical ability.
You want to learn the natural minor scale in a new key, so that you'll become a more versatile guitarist and improviser.


 Frequently Asked Questions

I want there to be absolutely no risk to you. Because of this, I offer a 60 day guarantee on this product.

"Test drive Natural Minor Mastery 2 for up to 60 days. If you feel you haven't made massive improvements to your natural minor scale knowledge and ability, then I'll  promptly give all your money back".

Does it matter what country I live in?

Not at all. Because this is an online training product you can purchase this lesson even if you don't live in Australia.

I don't want to pay in Australian dollars (AUD). Can I pay in my own currency?

Absolutely. When you are taken to the secure ClickBank payment page, you can select what currency you want to pay in. At present, ClickBank accepts payments in 31 different currencies.

What format is the lesson in?

When you purchase Natural Minor Mastery 2 you'll get the following three things...

  • A 49 page downloadable handout. This handout contains all the lesson notes and musical examples written out in TAB.
  • Over 76-minutes of video content in the form of 14 downloadable videos.
  • Two downloadable audio files that are to be used when you practice the lesson material.


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