Some Benefits Of The Online Training Programs

Benefit #1: Flexible

One of the biggest advantages of learning from an online training program is that you're free to review the lesson material at the times that suit you best. Unlike traditional one-on-one lessons, there is no need to attend a lesson at a specific time and place each week. This means that you can learn in a way that suits your lifestyle best.

Benefit #2: Highly Affordable

If I was to teach you the same material covered in an online program in a one-on-one format it would cost significantly more. But by leveraging technology I am able to teach you using video, audio and text. And this means that I am able to charge you a lot less per lesson.

Benefit #3: Fully Documented

With each week's lesson you'll receive a comprehensive handout and numerous videos. This means that you will have a detailed record of what you're learning. This allows you to review lessons as many times as you need to, which will help you to absorb the material you're learning on a much deeper level.

Benefit #4: Structured

Because I've created a syllabus for each training program, this allows me to teach you in a very logical and structured way. Each week's lesson builds upon the previous lesson, and does so in a way that will maximise your progress.

Benefit #5: Practice Schedules

To help you progress faster, with each week's lesson I have provided a detailed practice schedule. This tells you exactly what you need to practice each day. This means that you won't have any doubts about what you need to do each week to improve your guitar playing.

Benefit #6: No Travel Time

I have some one-on-one students who drive an hour or more to attend lessons with me in person. While their commitment to learning is admirable, not everyone is willing or able to spend so much time travelling to and from guitar lessons. Because all the training program course material is delivered online there is zero travel time. And this is a huge advantage if you have an extremely busy schedule.

Benefit #7: Detailed Practice Advice and Demonstrations

The training programs I have created all contain videos that give extremely detailed practice advice. You'll be shown exactly how you need to practice the course material. This means that you will progress faster and also feel confident that you're doing the right things during your practice sessions.

Benefit #8: Drip Feeding Of Content

Because I've structured each training program as a ten week course, this means that you won't get bombarded with too much information at once. I've done my best to evenly spread the content that you get over the ten weeks duration of the course. This will reduce the likelihood that you'll feel overwhelmed. It will also mean that youll be able to learn and absorb each week's lesson material thoroughly.

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